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Tip 4 – Your first chat message? Do not make this mistake on the first message

Tip 4 – Your first chat message? Do not make this mistake on the first message

Just stay open and honest . Just stay relaxed and show understanding for each other. Your true character and vulnerability come first.

So, you met someone (at a party, for example) and you didn’t agree to see each other again, but you did exchange numbers. You know what to do: the next step is to make an appointment via the telephone number.

Don’t make the mistake I made: I wanted to make an appointment right away. And she said that we would schedule a date via Whatsapp. The very first SMS I sent was: “I think it would be nice to meet you on Wednesday evening.” You guessed it: no response.

What can you learn from this? Do n’t make plans in the first Whatsapp message or hint at it! The first message is all about re-initiating the contact.

  • “Nice meeting you Sara. Do you have plans tomorrow? ” Wrong…
  • “Nice meeting you Sara. Do you want to hang out on Friday? ” Wrong…
  • “Nice meeting you Sara. I would like to meet you soon, if you think that’s cool? ” Wrong…

Tip 5 – The first Whatsapp message should be simple and not demanding

Just let the first Whatsapp message be something simple without immediately demanding the other to make a major ‘investment’, such as grabbing the agenda and committing to an appointment. A fun, flirty, or teasing message is allowed.

In any case, make it a personal message, so a message that would only be appropriate for that specific person. You can achieve this in the following ways:

  • Chat in the dialect or language of the other. “Good morrege Sara fan Amsterdam. I font het salvation fun.”
  • Do not start a fresh topic of conversation via Whatsapp again. That is not necessary for anything and you have to completely rebuild the connection. What you should do is remind the other of the connection that was there when you met live. Repeat the same jokes you had then, refer to your conversation or activity or send a photo of that moment.
  • Make a servizi di incontri tardone joke that reflects on the conversation you two had. For example, about the other person’s dance skills, what the other wore or said or a nickname that you accidentally gave the other person (“Nice meeting you yesterday Kelly Clarkson”). If the other said during the evening that he / she could finally move after a long search: “Hey homeless person. Finished moving yet? ” If the other person stood with their arms folded during the evening: “Latin heat! Do you still have your arms folded? Good night, kiddo. Greetings – Ridiculously handsome Brabanter.”
  • Or fool the other person. Have you talked for hours and immediately felt a super close bond with each other, then the other does not expect you to forget the other. Then send: “Who is this?” The other: “J from club X.” You: “Yeah I knew that … just have fun with you, dummy :)”
  • Maybe make a simple ‘arrogant’ joke. “Hi Sara. Congratulations on scoring my song;)”
  • You can of course also shake off any obligations to be ‘funny’ and just send something honest and sweet. But let it still be personal : “That was a pleasant meeting. Nice that you reacted so openly while you were actually in a hurry.”

Tip 6 – Flirting via Whatsapp? Go back to ‘inside jokes’ and ‘callback humor’

Let me tell you the power of inside jokes. You don’t just have inside jokes with everyone. You only have them with people who understand each other extra well. It’s almost a telepathic feeling. So this is an easy way to evoke connecting emotions in the other person via chat, without being overtly flirty.

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