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This new Install Bazarduzu try extremely separate, the fresh prominence means dos,454m

This new Install Bazarduzu try extremely separate, the fresh prominence means dos,454m

This new south region of the mountain belongs to Sahdag Milli Park, the most significant Federal Playground away from Azerbaijan. Please be aware that should you want to go Bazarduzu out-of Azerbaijan, you will find around three (3) prerequisites:

  1. A license to have visiting the national playground, in this instance Sahdag Milli Park.
  2. A permit (registration) in the frontier military soldiers, you can purchase it from the Azerbaijani Ministry from Environment. Application techniques will be initiate ninety days until the check out.
  3. An escort out of an accredited hill publication. Discover techniques whenever asking for the newest permit to own the newest federal playground.

When you are hiking Bazarduzu regarding Russian side, just a line zone allow from FSB is required, it can be received from the FSB regional institution inside Makhachkala (Dagestan), pertain ninety days beforehand.


Shahdag (cuatro,243m) is truly probably one of the most extraordinary slopes not only in Azerbaijan, plus from the entire Caucasus. The brand new etymology of identity derives regarding Persian keyword « Shah » – « king », while the Turkic keyword « dag » – « mountain », that is why it is sometimes named Tzar Mountian. Shahdag is the peak of your own Horizontal Assortment. Shahdag is one of went to slope to possess cold weather recreation.

To the west of Shahdag are a couple of blue ponds at the an height close to step 3,500m. Periodically you can find good flooding. From the a height from about2,000m there are Caucasian and you may bezoar goats, chamois, blackbirds and you may lizards.


Repeated hurricanes and storms became the reason behind brand new interesting name of level. Tufandag form « hurricane », and you can « dag », whilst has already getting recognized a number of sentences above, form « mountain ». Tufandag (4,206m) is located at the new junction regarding Guba, Gusar and you will Gabala districts. Close by this new slope discover a high-hill village out-of Khynalyg, in which representatives of a single of the very most old peoples of your own Caucasus – brand new Khynalygians alive. For this reason that it village a-year becomes the spot out-of head to to own countless tourists.

The individuality regarding regional characteristics in addition to wealth of mountain canals and you may ponds served as the an excellent extra to construct a ski resort and you will a cable-car right here. The fresh new cable car requires individuals to some other levels, additionally the large part has reached regarding 2,000m a good.s.l. You may enjoy the brand new feedback of Tufandag and Bazarduzu throughout the cable car channel and stay while the determined once the great Russian poet and you can writer Mikhail Yurievich Lermontov, just who blogged far concerning the Caucasus.

Beshbarmag Slope

Besh Barmag Mountain (Azerbaijani: Bes Barmaq) try modest in dimensions, simply 382m a.s.l. nevertheless looks like a rocky crown rising significantly more than a ridge overgrown that have turf. There can be good mosque during the herpes dating in the Italy its base.

Beshbarmag is translated once the Five-fingers. It’s located in the Siazan Region regarding Azerbaijan, not far from brand new Caspian Water. Beshbarmag is definitely a well-known pilgrimage site. Based on a great legend, a person with natural thoughts just who is at the latest prayer domestic in the the top of the fresh new slope will have his enjoyed would you like to become true. There are also constantly a lot of women here who wish to be pregnant. On mountain, scientists perform their findings of migratory birds, because it’s one of several key points of its route.

The Khyzy Hills

After on Khyzy Slopes, you then become just like you was seeing Mars. This can be probably one of the most unusual metropolitan areas in the united kingdom. Cosmic surface shimmer in the purple, tangerine, green, reddish, and you may beige hues. Considering one to variation, such as for instance amazing styles of slopes are due to underground oceans affecting the level of oxidation regarding metal stones that hills are comprised out-of.

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