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Oran story telling event : a decade from meetings with the ways regarding storytelling

Oran story telling event : a decade from meetings with the ways regarding storytelling

Kan ya makan… terms and you can tales so you can bewitch the metropolis

Oran storytelling festival is situated in 2006 from the « the latest litle reader out-of Oran » and you may celebrate a decade old inside the 2016. The opportunity to collect the main characters and take a step back and consider the definition in addition to future orientation.

A varied program : reports from this point there, throughout the old and you can new weeks

On a yearly basis, during the february, throughout the 31 metropolises pay tribute to dental community so you can feed Oran some one ears, whether or not young otherwise dated, having aspirations, prices, humor, and you can stories. All possible appearance are utilized in the language occasion : away from farce so you’re able to dream, off epic so you’re able to each and every day reports, off life reports to help you old-fashioned fairy reports. Likewise, over the year, the festival expand the fresh new tourist attractions. Basic storytellers out of Algeria while the mediterranean area, following out-of Sub-Saharan Africa and you will Latin The united states.

Of many stories try informed in one of the around three language spoken during the Algeria : Arabic, Tamazigh and French. But most other languages and languages was acceptance when planning on taking region. To own Zoubida Kouti : « You do not need knowing the words. Stories’messages give beyond terms and conditions. »

Like troubadours, story tellers show their terms and conditions when you look at the well-known or uncommon towns : schools, cultural centers, contacts, coffee, also tramways otherwise during the an effective commentated go. This new festival claims to place the tale telling practice as near that you could for the younger and mature listeners. They displays shows in a lot of areas of your own urban area : open-air tell you, as the walking along the pond, or even in the latest flower lawn, personal conditions like in the fresh Turkish shower off Sidi El Houari, in the middle of the widely used district of the city, or even in personal places as with the brand new Ahmed Wahbi conservatory, or perhaps in your local cultural centres… All of the social classes was in fact part of the listeners ! Particular events is also said to be important, now : younger personal suggests on the local Abdelkader Alloula cinema regarding Oran, fairy stories night regarding the French Institute, plus the tale walk in the new Ibn Badis garden hit a beneficial higher victory.

Terms give due to the wedding of numerous local partners : females organization, socio-social connection, training centres, diocese away from Oran… and with the devoted partner : the brand new organisation « Bel Opinions »… Each one of these powers suffice another goal : conference individuals.

New organization is additionally backed by regional societal bodies. This new French Institute of Oran, takes part in coding brand new fairy tales night together with organisation COBIAC contain the event by the sending two story tellers and also by after the graphic advice and organization.

Not in the variations of fashion, words and you can people, this new tales texts display the same values out-of tranquility and tolerance . Inside 2014 festival titled « tales at crossroads regarding cultures » prominent the latest range from tales that will be advised international. In 2015, because an effective mockery out of current events, Goha, Scheherazade, Grimm, Amrouche and others was indeed welcome so you’re able to declare brand new common matter from life style together with her therefore the many solutions to invent. An alternative recognition was given so you’re able to girls and particularly so you can Assia Djebar, a primary figure out of Algerian literary works. The brand new festival is additionally a straightforward testimony out of universality of cleverness, generosity and you may knowledge.

It’s very in order to prompt citizenship, your association offers the action . To your class, the storyline advising venture was ways to fight against a beneficial kind of ignore towards the dental traditions. Howerver, is actually would be accepted given that a different sort of art, which have special see hows. For this reason this new event tend to be training session having More youthful Algerian storytellers, which might be then anticipate to participate in the application. Furthermore, a great « Cardio for storytelling » was depending when you look at the 2014 that may host a spending budget center into the young and dental literature in the Maghreb, Machrek and you may Africa.

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