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Best 20 Books About Addiction Recovery to Read in 2020

The book refers to the culture of alcoholism in which we are considered alcoholic and non-alcoholic. She lists the facts about how to face not being so popular for refusing to have a glass of wine while at a party. The book looks at the basic problems that lead us to drink and overcome them. Transcending addiction is a worthy goal because, as Tony Robbins says, you feel what you focus on.

Pete Hamill grew up in Brooklyn with parents who immigrated to the United States. His father also experienced alcohol addiction, which helped shape his view that drinking was a manly thing to do, and early in life, he began drinking alcohol himself. I am not sure I’d be sober today if it weren’t for Tired of Thinking About Drinking. Belle’s consistent messaging on our faulty thinking led to a major mindset shift for me. She provides actionable steps for anyone looking to drink less or none at all.

Best Addiction Recovery Books – Reviews & Recommendations

Looking back at a life of drinking alcohol may feel tough, but many people in recovery from alcohol use disorder or alcohol addiction also find it therapeutic. If you experience addiction yourself, reading about other peoples’ experiences can help you feel less alone, remind best alcohol recovery books you addiction isn’t your fault, and give you hope for the future. They could even offer some insight into recovery approaches you haven’t yet tried. Along with support from a healthcare professional, coping tools like apps, podcasts, and books may offer some benefits.

  • Funny, informative, and authentic, Poole has a welcoming light-hearted voice on the very serious topic of substance use.
  • This is a self-help book by a licensed therapist that braids together anonymized client stories, personal narrative, psychological tools, and brain research.
  • The first 100 pages blew my mind and I found myself getting excited to read another chapter of this book every night before going to sleep.
  • They could even offer some insight into recovery approaches you haven’t yet tried.
  • If you enjoy reading real-life stories, you may want to choose a memoir or biography, which is a non-fiction account of a person’s actual experiences with substance use and addiction.
  • The rest were invaluable resources for me after I quit drinking, when I still needed guidance for repairing my brain, rebuilding my body, and resurrecting my spirit.

Those who have struggled with food, fame, sex, alcohol, and heroin will learn a lot from this book. It has helped thousands of addicted individuals to recover completely. Although there are different levels of addiction, this book by Russell Brand explains, in simple and clear terms, how best to pull away from the shackles of addiction. The narrator was genuine in explaining the best ways to abstain from drugs and alcohol.

The Best Alcohol Recovery Books

“The Big Book” has helped millions of people in their journey towards sobriety, as the stories told by Dr. Bob and Bill W. Are relatable, and also because the 12-step process is one means of recovery that is widely accepted. While self-help books are not a solution for long-term recovery, they can be very helpful for your “emotional recovery”. If it’s your loved one who lives with addiction, books on the topic may help you better understand the challenges of living with this mental health condition. For example, books can shed some light on experiences common with addiction and offer guidance on ways to support your loved one.

To deny the fact that we do so is to deny an essential part of our nature, not simply as human beings, but as evolutionary creatures with fundamental needs. Siegel makes a compelling and ridiculously well-researched case to stop the war on our intrinsic nature and to find safer alternatives to the toxic drugs that kill so many of us. The key message of this book is that you have the power to transform your thought processes and your life. Mainstream recovery programs have very little to say about personal achievement. No dream is beyond your reach simply because you suffered from a biochemical disorder.

Quit Like a Woman: The Radical Choice to Not Drink in a Culture Obsessed with Alcohol by Holly Whitaker

If you’re looking for more sobriety resources, check out Monument’s therapist-moderated alcohol support groups and anonymous online forum. This book serves as a guide for anyone starting their journey with a 30 day sobriety challenge. The Dry Challenge can be especially helpful for people who drink socially, and are looking to take a structured step back to re-evaluate their habits.

best alcohol recovery books

But it touches all related areas such as dealing with insecurity, doubt, confusion, and low self-esteem. Whether you are suffering from a serious addiction issue or know someone who does, the book will help a great deal. The Author is a practiced yogi and therapy regular who has coached a lot of addicts and helped them gain their freedom from addiction.

My addiction always took me to new lows, and cost me many jobs over the years. Veronica Valli, an addiction therapist and recovered alcoholic, wrote “Why You Drink and How to Stop” as a clear, insightful, and informational self-help book that is meant to do exactly what the title outlines. At a concise 162 pages, and published in 2013, the book is considered short, but informative, and incredibly useful. Phillips’ father, core member of a popular rock n’ roll band, led what many would consider to be a very hedonistic lifestyle, exposing his daughter to drug fueled party culture very early on. For that reason, Phillips herself became an addict, and “High on Arrival” intertwines her personal battle with addiction with her perception of her father. Some critics have called out James Frey for fabricating some of the narrative of “A Million Little Pieces” to have it read more like a novel.

best alcohol recovery books

This systematic approach has been beneficial to addicts who have tried unsuccessfully to stop with various methods. The author took the recovery process to a different dimension that has helped thousands of addicts. The unbroken brain provides an inventive and radical approach to help individuals combat their forms of addiction. It provides inspiring insights to support that claim that addiction is simply a learning disorder.

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