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Are you an first time client for escort, dont be afraid

Are you an first time client for escort, dont be afraid

The ideal option is for every client to bring their own condoms and to use them every single time when engaging in sexual activities with a call girl

First of all, it is wrong to assume that all individual escorts provide the worst service than those employed by an agency. On the contrary, some of the best escorts out there decide at some point that they don’t want to share their earnings with an employer anymore and they decide to go solo. However, there are also those who work alone simply because they were not able to keep a job in an agency.

That being said, if you are a first-time client and you have never hired a escort Toulouse before, we would advise you to opt for an agency simply to minimize the risk of hiring an inadequate escort. However, there are also some useful tips that apply both to hiring an escort from an agency and those working solo.

First of all, a client should always get in touch with the escort Toulouse of their choice and spend some time talking to her before they actually hire her for the job. It doesn’t matter if the client wants just a general companionship, someone to travel with, or a quick sex session. In all of these cases, it is important that the call girl and the client are on the same page throughout the entire processmunication is vital here because the better the client describes the type of services they want, the better service they will get because the escort will know exactly what the client expects from the meeting.

Be sure you feel safe, doing the meeting with an escort

The next important thing to keep in mind is how to stay safe when meeting an escort Toulouse and this applies both to the individual escorts and those working for an agency. There are two things a client should keep safe when dealing with escorts; they money and their health.

Let’s start with the health and say that every client should use protection when having sex with an escort – no exceptions. The majority of escorts would never even agree to unprotected sex, but there are those who do offer this type of service and the clients should think twice before asking for it. First of all, if she agrees to have unprotected sex with you, she had done it with other people too. That is an argument enough for you to rethink this entire idea.

The second thing every client wants to keep safe when dealing with the escort is their money and there are several simple precautionary measures that could really help with that. First of all, when offered to choose between several payment methods, a client should always opt for cash. This way they can keep their credit card details safely hidden from people who might consider stealing them. And speaking of cash, the client should always have the exact amount prepared to pay for the services while keeping the rest of their money somewhere safe. It is okay to bring a little extra cash in the case they want to give the escort Toulouse a nice tip at the end of the meeting, but bringing large amounts of cash and all credit cards to these meetings is generally not a good idea.

The third thing to keep in mind when hiring a call girl is the preparation for this date. We already mentioned that a client should prepare the money and some condoms for the date, but there are other things that are equally as important. First of all, every client should arrive at the meeting clean and in fresh clothes. Personal hygiene is important in every life’s aspect and it goes double when there is intimate contact such as sex involved between people. Every client should brush their teeth, take a shower, put on clean underwear, etc. before meeting a call girl.

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